The Secret Influence of the Moon by Louis Proud has a very unique take on the moon.  Proud combines scientific and history fact with occult possibilities to give his own ideas about the moon. With chapters discussing the origins of the moon, possible life on the moon and our relationship with the moon.  The author uses cited quotes which lends a unique depth to his book, however the lack of citations and sources for the scientific facts he includes really takes away from any credibility.

As one reads The Secret Influence of the Moon, the reader is really able to see that Proud does indeed have a love and affinity for the moon.  It really comes across in his writing style and the amount of information he puts forth.  The author does have a tendency to go on tangents, talking about a movie someone made which has no real relation to the moon, simply because the person once made a movie that featured the moon.

If this is a subject which you like, then buy all means get the book.  It's written in a way that one does not need to have an astronomical background.  Proud goes to great lengths to explain things in a way which anyone can understand.  Proud does include a bibliography despite the glaring lack of scientific citations and also an index. The book is quite entertaining, if not interesting, despite the lack of sources for scientific facts, though that does take away any a lot of credibility. 

~ review by: Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Louis Proud
Destiny Books; 2013
ppg:394; $19.95