Ninety-nine out of a hundred astrology books are the same: sun signs are explained, as is the chart and houses, etc. Interpretations may  be different, but the basic structure is the same. Which makes sense since astrology is 1000s of years old.

Raven Kaldera has given us a completely unique and refreshing view of astrology. First of all, there are the eight lunar phases and a discussion of the actual lunar cycle of 29.5 days. He stays away from interpretations in favor of discussions that inform and educate and provides a huge amount of planetary-specific tabulations. This data allows the reader to create personalized responses to the various aspects and transitions of the planets in his or her chart.

I suggest having a copy of your chart with you as you go through Pagan Astrology. It will help to figure out some of what Kaldera is discussing. (A great place to get a free, accurate, chart is at Astrodienst, .) If you have any interest in astrology, this is a book you want.

Strongly recommended.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Raven Kaldera
Destiny Books, 2009
pp. 358, $18.95