Moon Wisdom. What a perfect title! The subtitle is Transform your life using the Moon's signs and cycles. The author delivers what she promises.

The large, colorfully illustrated volume reminds you of a coffee table book but it is so much more. It doesn't just scratch the surface; it digs deep and tells you more than you ever expected. For one, it is loaded with color illustrations that really help describe the Moon and the different signs she goes through. With this book as a guide, you can plan which activities to do on a certain day based on which sign the Moon is in. As the author explains the Moon's function, she advises you for what attitude to have, how deal with the public and what to expect from loved ones.

The book is definitely astrological but don't let that stop you if you have only a smattering of astrological knowledge or none at all. This author is a smart and kind woman. She doesn't tease you or make you guess or even wonder. She teaches you. You'll get a thorough understanding of the Moon in general and her many faces not only in the12 zodiac signs  but also in her eight (8) phases. You learn what it means to be born under a full Moon or a new one or a quarter Moon. Things going well? Enjoy it as it will last only 2 to 3 days. the length of time the Moon stays in a sign. But that's also good news for when she's in an unfavorable sign. It'll quickly pass. Here today, gone tomorrow.

This is a serious work. Time and effort went into this book. It was well thought out and laid out, not a rush job to meet a deadline or fulfill a contract. You can tell when an author fully understands her material Not all of them do,. Believe me, I've read some. There's so much good, usable information. Information you expect to get in a book about the Moon and some you didn't. You are led into the  journey step by step, first learning the Moon's personality for each sign so you can apply it to any given day. Next you are introduced to your personal Moon sign on the day you were born. It will explain why you feel and react in a certain way. Are you feisty and adventurous? Or dreamy and romantic? Laid back and observant? This is a great tool for understanding yourself.

After you've learned about yourself and what makes you tick, you can learn about others and what makes them tick. Makes it so much easier to "love thy neighbor" if you understand why he does the things he does.  Or your boyfriend/girlfriend. Who gets along with who? Is a certain sign beneficial for you or challenging based on your personal Moon sign? The next step is finding out how the Moon acts in each of her eight (8) phases and how they affect you. Those phases form your personality. Eclipses are also explained. Those are based on new and full Moons. Those phases are illustrated, making them easy to understand.

If that isn't enough, next you'll learn about the different aspects the Moon makes to all of the planets and how they express their energy. Plus how to find all that information online. I like her explanation of the Moon aspecting a given planet forming a relationship known as an aspect and the Moon savoring its energy, "like adding basil and garlic to soup." In orderly fashion the book walks you through all the information you'll need to identify your own Moon sign and how best to use it. It starts by telling you how to find the sign the Moon is in on a given day. She even explains the Moon's Void of Course happening and how to handle it. Thrown in is how to choose the best day for an event. All the planets are used.

Lastly, is a mini consultation of sorts by telling you how the aspects in your birth chart behave and how they work. Does the Moon aspect your Mercury?

My only objection is when the author referred to the aspects made by the planets as "the Moon in Mercury" or 'the Moon in Jupiter".  The Moon and Mercury are both planets so they can;t be "in" each other. It would have been better to say the Moon AND Mercury or the Moon WITH Mercury. But that's minor compared to the overall excellence of this book.

I'm an astrologer and I'm picky about which books are on my bookshelves. Would I buy this book? Definitely.

~review by Judy Blackstone

Author: Heather Roan Robbins
CICO Books, 2020
140 pp., $16.95