This small book discusses the various intersections of magic and astrology. This introductory text will be helpful for people in neo-pagan/Wiccan traditions who want a condensed source of insights and tips on using astrological conventions in rituals and spell work. The contents are well-organized and there are relevant quotes throughout to underscore important points.

The first few chapters give rudimentary explanations of birth charts and astrological attributions to various alphabets. Chapters 3 to 5 focus on using the four elements in spell casting and for designing ritual tools. Chapter 6 focuses how the Sun and Moon, aka β€œthe lights,” get unique priorities and display different characteristics as they travel through different zodiac signs. These chapters will be useful to most readers. Chapter 7 is about planetary powers. Each planet's energies and significations are explained. The author uses the modern invisible outer planets – Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto – as sign rulers.

Chapter 8 describes the zodiac signs and their significations, followed by Chapter 9 which covers the eight Sabbats and the types of spells and rituals appropriate to these dates. Chapter 10 focuses on number symbolism, elemental glyphs, the astrological glyphs, and color relationships to the signs and planets. There are tips for using planetary kamea (magic squares) for special types of spells. Chapter 11 provides lists of sign/planet correspondences to flowers, herbs, trees, scents, and food and beverages. The following chapter provides similar listings of stones, metals and other materials that can be used in spell crafting. Chapter 13 discusses the planetary day rulers and planetary hours, and how these can be used for timing in spell craft. The end matter includes a glossary, bibliography, and a list of resources.

Skye Alexander is a capable and prolific writer, so I was somewhat disappointed by the superficial contents of this book. It feels like an upscale promo piece. The fluff could have been replaced with information about genuine astrological magic methods that were developed in medieval Persia and Europe. Entire books treat the individual topics briefly discussed in each chapter, so there are avenues for advanced study if a reader so desires.

This book is appropriate for beginners who are ready to learn how to mingle astrology and magic to improve the results of spells and daily life. The book is a beautifully formatted and edited hardback. It would be a lovely gift for a newbie or a neo-pagan who wants a simple but helpful reference text for sign and planet descriptions to help with timing in spell-casting and sabbat rituals.

~Review by Elizabeth Hazel

Author: Skye Alexander
Weiser Books, 2019
pgs. 224 , $16.95