This is a reprint of the classic, originally published in 1990, Astrology for Lovers is a rich resource for anyone wishing to learn more about themselves and the people they love. For a number of years now she has been the co-director of the Centre for Psychological Astrology, and an excellent collection of her articles can be found at Astrodienst (

That said – this is a MUST own for anyone interested in knowing more about their loved ones from a sexual, psychological, sensual, and shadow perspective.

“If you really think the solution to the problem of relationships lies in things ‘out there’ in society, look again. It may just lie in ourselves, in our ways of dealing with our lopsidedness and lack of self-knowledge. How in the world can you possible expect to get on with somebody else when you don’t even know who you yourself are?

And is you think astrology is a pretty abstruse way of attempting to gain insight into one’s own behaviour and motives, read on. (from the introduction, p 6.)”

The entire book has exactly that straightforward tone, with no apologies or sense of flakiness. If you are interested in astrology, make sure this book is in your library.

5 luminaries out of 5


~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Liz Greene

Connections Book Publishing, 2009

pp. 368, $19