This trio of intermediate level books is an incredible resource for anyone interested in deepening their astrological insights.

Alive and Well with Uranus clearly and succinctly explains this planet’s transits through the houses and in aspect to all planets. This is a terrific reference for both practicing astrologers and those navigating Uranus transits because Tierney explains the purpose of the transits while offering practical suggestions for navigating them. By tuning in to the essence of this planet's unpredictable energy, he provides the deeper, psychological manifestations of its transits to planets and houses in the natal chart. I found myself laughing with recognition, as he brilliantly weaves his Uranian tales.

Clarifying the meaning and function of astrological Neptune is not dissimilar to trying to converse underwater – its tricky, unsatisfying, and you can end up drowning. In Alive and Well with Neptune Tierney found a way to have that conversation about this nebulous ruler and provides readers with something we can comprehend, keep and apply. He accomplishes this feat by being not only an adept astrologer, but also a masterful storyteller. The chapter, "A Neptunian Tour of Our Natal Planets" alone is worth the price of the book, as Mr. Tierney "becomes" the planet. He brings the ponderous, foggy Neptune into our daily life so that we may effectively access it's energies and he does so in a manner that I have not experienced in studying any other book on Neptune.

After reading the first two books in this trilogy, I anticipated a penetrating look at Pluto -- and I was not disappointed. After reading this book, readers will understand how relevant in today's psychology-oriented culture is the mythology of Pluto. Alive and Well with Pluto is an excellent choice for either getting acquainted with Pluto and its mysteries, or for furthering your study of this intimidating planet. Pluto transits seems to get a lot of bad press, but Tierney approaches these times of transformation with a positive attitude and offers practical ways to make the most of these transits. The reader has a reference for Pluto transits through all the houses and to all the planets, which makes this work an excellent reference for practicing astrologers, as well as a support tool for those undergoing the transits themselves.

Tierney never fails to make astrology understandable. By breaking concepts down to their basics the author turns these "troublesome" planets into something that astrology students can work with effectively. As a plus, the writing is full of humor and hopeful perspectives that avoid excessive sugarcoating. I strongly recommend these books.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author:  Bil Tierney

Llewellyn Publications, 1999

each, $14.95