This 13 song collection is wonderful! So much Pagan music is pretentious or has one good thing (like lyrics, or a beat) but not the whole package. Mystic Kiss is great from beginning to end. Blending alternative and Eastern music innovatively, each song is catchy, whether slow and introspective or a swirling mix conjuring images of belly dancers around a fire in the desert.


Fontain Riddle is the singer and primary force behind this duo. Joined by Farhan Khan, Ms. Riddle uses the inspirations of eastern philosophy, politics, dancing, jazz, friends, books, and love to create her music and lyrics. “Witch Fire” for example sounds like a love song (I feel something burning… I’m on fire) but the liner notes reveal that this is a story of three generations of witches being burned at the stake. (I almost wish I hadn’t read that.) My least favorite song was Ghost. But even then, it has a good rhythm and would be fine as a ‘breather’ song to just hang out in and relax.


The other member of the duo is Farhan Khan, originally from Karachi, Pakistan. He plays sitar, guitar and bass guitar fluently and adds a perfect counterpoint with his captivating sitar playing. I am not normally a fan of the sitar. Khan has converted me.

I really enjoyed this album and am looking forward to getting the others.


~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Artist: Fontain’s M.U.S.E.

Fontain Riddle, 2006


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