Young presents an instrumental album of world-fusion music that combines new age sensibilities and world music with consummate skill. It’s wonderfully primal and spiritually uplifting music that’s truly moving and mind-expanding.

The music includes ethnic flutes from around the world – Native American wood flutes, the Pueblo-Anasazi flute, the Irish pennywhistle and tin whistle, the Chinese xiao, the modern Phi flute, South and Central American clay drone flutes and others. These are supplemented with hammered dulcimer, udu drum, erhu, Celtic harp, piano, world percussion instruments, and some modern orchestral instruments like saxophone.

The listener is sucked into this incredible head space in the first two of twelve tracks. The effects are even more powerful when heard with headphones. The third track “Shimmer” shifts into a less intense, lighter mode with a guitar-flute and chimes combination that floats in the clouds. Track 4 “Boundless” leans toward Native American musical expression. The deep note drones rumble in your belly. And it just keeps getting better!

This is powerful music for meditation, relaxation, healing modalities, and ritual work. This magical music transports the listener into an alternative mind-space continuum. A fabulous album for all and highly recommended.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: Joseph L Young
Joseph L Young, 2016
12 tracks
CD $14.99, mp3 $9.95
Visit for more info.

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