Author and artist Mueller presents a text chock-full of lore, historical trivia, ideas and instructions for getting the most out of mirrors. This book will be a welcome addition for those who seek to incorporate mirror magic into their repertoire.

The first few chapters focus on the past. Mirrors have been around since ancient times, beginning with reflective pools of water, reflective black stones (like onyx or obsidian), or polished metal. Silver-backed glass mirrors were developed just before the Renaissance. Goddesses associated with mirrors are reviewed. A collection of books, films, and television shows with mirror themes are mentioned, too.

The topic shifts to cover the types of mirrors that are available and how each type and style can be used. A number of spells and mirror magic techniques are presented. There are instructions for concocting purpose-specific cleansing washes, enchanting herbal washes, and fluid condensers (ie, special mirror charging potions). The author offers advice on mirrored boxes, mercury glass items, sun- and moon-charged mirrors, and spirit communication methods. A variety of multi-cultural uses and variations of mirror charms are described.

Chapter 9: Mirror Meditations, Betwixt and Between the Worlds shares techniques for scrying in silver and black mirrors. A few interesting mirror gazing meditations are included. I wish this section was longer and more detailed!

Each chapter includes a short essay by other authors with credentials in magic, spell-casting and pagan practices. These alternative viewpoints are a nice touch. The book includes illustrations by the author. Some of her drawings provide ideas for decorating or creating your own magical mirrors. There are pages with designs and panticles that can be inscribed on the back of a mirror. End matter includes appendices with color symbolism and scrying symbols, a recommended reading list, websites, and a brief index.

This is a nice book on a valuable topic. It took some effort to collect all of the information and trivia and put it into one text. If mirror magic is a topic of interest, I highly recommend this as a primary resource book on all things reflective!

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Author: Mickie Mueller
Llewellyn Publications, 2016
260 pages, $15.99 pb
(Barnes and Noble: $12.07 pb, Nook $10.99)

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