I have always been drawn to water in many of her forms. In fact the first part of my magickal name is River. Anytime we plan a family vacation trip, my first instinct is to go somewhere by the Ocean. I feel the longing of the sea and always feel recharged, re-balanced, and whole when I am able to cleanse in her waters. You can find me dancing in the rain in the springtime soaking in every drop while my spirit fills with joy. If this resonates, you may also be a water witch.

Avalon focuses on the Celtic tradition on water lore, but also includes other stories and legends. She dives into some background on sacred sites and water deities as well as types of water forms to work with. The liquid form is most common but you can also work with it in forms of gas and solid. Some forms not usually thought include dew, hail, sleet, mud, pool water and more. I love that the book helps the reader think of creative ways to work with this element.

The author covers how to set up your water altar, tools to use as well as exercises for consecrating and blessing your space. The book also goes over practices you can do at water sites such as rivers and streams, sacred wells, lakes, marshes, and the sea. Each chapter focuses on the area, gives background and info on the water type, the types of spirits you can communicate with and exercises to perform. The various spells are all water themed and perfect for any setting that you need for your location. She will teach you how to communicate with the water spirits in an easy to follow guidebook.

For anyone that has felt the call of the sea, drawn to the rivers and lakes, or loves to dance in the rain, this book is for you.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Annwyn Avalon
Conari Press, 2019
pp. 288, $16.95

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