Most of us have heard the phrase “Must be a Full Moon tonight!”. The moon and its effects on the Earth have been felt and documented back to ancient times. What readers might not know is that every phase has different activities and intentions. The Moon + You is the perfect guide for those who wish to harness the moons power. The book is divided into the various phases, The Full Moon, Waning Moon, Dark Moon, New Moon, and Waxing Moon.

Author Diane Ahlquist explains what each phase is, has an image and what is best performed and planned for each type of phase. She explains how each phase has a unique energy and the best ways to tune in to each lunar change.

Each section has suggestions for meditations, rituals, exercises and activities. It is written in a easy to follow, light hearted way that anyone can follow regardless of their spiritual journey or path. If you are looking for a light read with some refreshing ideas on how to honor and embrace the lunar energy, this book is for you.
~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Diane Ahlquist
Adams Media, January 9, 2020
pp. 240, $15.99

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