Written by Vivienne Moss, Hekate: A Devotional truly is a devotion to the Goddess.  Even just paging through the book the reader can genuinely feel the author's love and devotion to Hekate herself.  Each chapter is written with love and care, showing who this mysteries and powerful deity is, written from the point of view and experiences of the author.  This is the one big thing that makes this book stand out from other books about deities; this actually is a devotional, so rather than being written in an introductory style, this is more of a look into life being devoted to Hekate.

Separated into eight chapters plus an introduction and conclusion this unfortunately short book will really give the reader an easy to absorb look at just who Hekate is.  Each chapter gives a look into life with Hekate from a different vantage point.  So, for example, chapter two is the vantage of crossroads, three is death and four is muse.  Now, none of this is to say that you won't get any actual information, facts, from this book.  You will in chapter seven; She Who Is All.  In this chapter we are given information such as Her parentage, mystery cults, names and epithets and so forth.  Also, in chapter eight we see some actual witchcrafting information such as herbal blends, uses for sun and storm water, and so forth.

I have sincerely enjoyed reading this book; I only wish it were a bit longer.  At the end of each chapter I kept wishing it was just a bit longer.  Beyond that the only negative thing I can say is that I wish there had been sources for the actual historical information, such as the short list of mystery cults.  Beyond that this is a beautiful book, written so anyone can read and understand it. I do recommend it for anyone interested, for any reason.

~ Reviewer: Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Vivienne Moss
Moon Books; 2015
84ppg; $9.95

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