The Gray Witch's Grimoire is a unique look at the world of magic, witchcraft and spell work.  She begins by talking about silence and how she feels that should you ever speak of your magic it will cause your spell to not work.  While I do not personally hold to this belief, she does take the time to fully explain her feelings about this. 

From there Raine splits her book into three sections; knowledge, rituals and spells.  In the knowledge section she deals mostly with correspondences such as colors, the moon cycles, symbols and so forth.  This section is extremely interesting because Raine goes into detail on correspondences many other authors don't such as the days of the week, herbs and flowers and the months of the year.

The rituals section is smaller; it details the different parts of rituals such as calling quarters and the 5-fold kiss and then goes into rituals such as croning/eldering.  There's only a couple rituals included and does not include sabbats or esbats.

The last section includes spells.  These include things such as spite, revenge and protection.  It is quite interesting to actually see spells that are not simply healing, good luck and so forth.  I do have to say that I do not feel there was much, if any discussion on morals or ethics, no mention of karma or what are appropriate times for different types of spells.  Due to this I would not recommend this book for those new to witchcraft or those who perhaps are too young for certain moral decisions.

All in all though I love this book.

~Review by Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Amethyst Raine
Moon Books, 2012
pp. 175 $19.95

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