Many solitary Pagans are restricted from joining covens or circles by physical location and lack of other like-minded Pagans in their area. Thanks to the wonder of computers, location is becoming less of a problem. As the Pagan community continues to expand online, the opportunities grow for us to gather together in chat rooms and e-mail lists to share discussion, worship, ideas, and ritual. Some groups are even forming covens that meet exclusively online and include members from around the globe.

In her e-book Cybercoven.Org, Lisa McSherry explores the unique challenges of working with an online coven or starting one of your own.
The book is a companion piece to the author’s Website, Most of the information comes from the author’s own experience as a member of the cybercoven ShadowMoon, and more recently as the High Priestess of her own daughter coven, JaguarMoon. This book seems written especially for people who have some experience with the Craft, but little or no experience with either group magic or online communities. It is a fairly effective introduction to each.

There is also a large amount of information for prospective online High Priest(ess) looking to start groups of their own. Creating an e-book allowed McSherry to include links to websites with further information, but it also made it difficult (for me) to read; you’ll have to experience it for yourself to see if it troubles you. But if you are interested in the topic, it’s well worth checking out.

~review by Danielle Pollock

Author: Lisa Mc Sherry
ebook, 2001

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