Opening with a beautiful poem called The Sacred Fire, Betwixt & Between by Storm Faerywolf is all about the faery witchcraft tradition.  I have to mention right out is that one of my favorite part of this book is the fact that Faerywolf not only includes notes, giving further specific information to ideas presented but also includes references, resources and sources.  This lends a lot of credence to the information presented in Betwixt & Between

Broken into three sections with a total of 15 chapters a whole host of subjects are covered.  For example section two called "The Hidden Powers" goes into the standard four elements, earth air fire and water along with the aether and the pearl.  I really enjoyed this chapter as it was the first time I'd seen something like this listed as an element and I found I agreed with several arguments presented.  The other section are; Preparing for the Journey and Journeying Between the Worlds.  Some included chapters are; Love, Fetch; the Primal Soul, The Ancestor Altar, Divination and Candle Magic. 

Also included is an index of the many exercises and rituals included in this book.  Including things like exercises can really help the reader engage with the book as well as put into practice some of the information and ideas included.  Some exercises and rituals included are the Deepening the Sacred Meal Ritual, Journaling, The Holy Bath Ritual, Prayers of Iron and an Air Art exercise.  I'm finding my favorite exercises are the journaling.  For me I am able to put my journal entries together to really delve deeper into myself, my feelings about certain concepts and I feel that this is something that can really help the reader with self growth, regardless of their spiritual leanings. 

For the first read through I highly recommend Betwixt & Between be read in proper order.  There is much which builds upon what came earlier in the book such as parts of rituals.  However once you've read through this book, especially with the way it's organized with chapters inside sections, it is a great book to just pick up and read an interesting part.  All in all I'm really surprised how much I've been enjoying reading through this book! 

I'll be honest here.  At first I didn't think I would enjoy this book.  However it really is very informative and could be enjoyed by anyone interested in witchcraft, the faery tradition or simply looking for different ideas.  Betwixt & Between is well sourced, written so anyone can read and understand it regardless of educational level or spiritual leanings and is quite enjoyable. 

Highly recommended!

~review by Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Storm Faerywolf
318ppg; $21.99
Llewellyn Worldwide, 2017

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