Greetings from the middle of the summer!

I was recently given an unusual gift. For years I have worked with a phenomenal massage therapist (we'll call her CJ) and she has been an important part of my recovery from breast cancer and other physical issues. After nearly two decades in the PNW she and her partner are moving to the Southwest to start a new career as a life couch and counselor. For her the move will come as the culmination of many life events occuring, all of which she has shared with me as part of our time together.

While on the table I had a very strong urge to say something and, after struggling a bit, I did. "Forgive me for being a little intrusive, but I just have to tell you that I feel -- very strongly -- that you need to do some kind of farewell ritual." She thought it over and we talked a bit more about my  feeling. In the end, she thanked me for the thought and we parted.

Yesterday I saw her for the last time. As we were preparing for our session she said to me, "Thank you for the idea of the ritual. We had a lot of fun putting together a meaningful ritual that we're going to do on our last day. You were right, it was an important piece we were leaving out of our preparations." Such a gift for me that my intuition was heard at the right moment to create a positive difference. A blessing.

Endings are important; I would say they are vital. Not surprisingly, we (westerners) are -- by and large -- TERRIBLE at endings. Goodbyes can be forever yet we treat them lightly, dismissively. Even those of us who do energy work can neglect all the times when an ending is necessary. (How quickly do your rituals end as compared to how long they open?)

My group celebrates the height and strength of the sun at it's solstice, and interwoven throughout the ritual are reminders that from now forward we are leaving the Light and moving into the Dark of the year. We celebrate the ending as well as the fullness.

As we drowse in the summer's heat, the Review Circle offers you the following:
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May the heat of summer warm and bless you.
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