Back in late December, just past the Solstice in fact, my computer decided to just not start. I had the ole blue screen of death and after trying a number of at home fixes, Eloquence (yes, I name my computers – don’t you?) went in for repairs. It took a few weeks, and I apparently didn’t lose any data . . . I just lost time and access to email. Not surprisingly, it’s also taken me weeks to get back on track with newly downloaded programs, and data restored.

Then, just a week into January my older dog ripped her CL and we had to get her into surgery asap – it’s  12 week recovery period. To top it all off, I came down with the ‘flu and my husband developed bronchitis  just a week past that. It’s sort of been a distracted by life month.

But that’s behind me now. Welcome to the January update!

I made it a double one, twenty reviews to keep you intrigued and interested as we move into the Winter of 2018.

This month we offer:

Essential Oils in Spiritual Practice: Working with the Chakras, Divine Archetypes, and the Five Great Elements  
First Templar Nation: How 11 Knights Created a New Country and A Refuge for the Grail  
Odin: Ecstasy, Runes & Norse Magic  
Womb Awakening: Initiatory Wisdom from the Creatrix of Life  
Fortune Teller's Handbook: 20 Fun and Easy Techniques for Predicting the Future  
Chakras Plain & Simple: The Only Book You'll Ever Need  
Fairies Plain & Simple: The Only Book You'll Ever Need  
Strange Practice (fiction) 
Overcoming Acute and Chronic Pain: Keys to Treatment Based on Your Emotional Type  
Caring for the Dying: The Doula Approach to a Meaningful Death  
Crystals for Karmic Healing: Transform Your Future by Releasing Your Past  
The Angelic Origins of the Soul: Discovering Your Divine Purpose  
Sekhmet: Transformation in the Belly of the Goddess  
Psychic Ability, Plain & Simple: The Only Book You'll Ever Need  
The Weiser Book of Occult Detectives: 13 Stories of Supernatural Sleuthing  
Tarot Plain & Simple: The Only Book You'll Ever Need  
Wicca, Plain & Simple: The Only Book You'll Ever Need  
Sigil Witchery: A Witch's Guide to Crafting Magick Symbols  
Pagan Portals -- Have a Cool Yule: How-To Survive (and Enjoy) the Mid-Winter Festival  
Dark Goddess Craft: A Journey through the Heart of Transformation  
Betwixt & Between: Exploring the Faery Tradition of Witchcraft (our 2nd review!) 

Last time we offered:

The Madness and the Magic (fiction)
Pagan Dreaming: The Magic of Altered Consciousness (our 2nd review!)
Basic Witches: How to Summon Success, Banish Drama, and Raise Hell With Your Coven
The Witches' Almanac 2018-2019
The Witching Herbs: 13 Essential Plants and Herbs for Your Magical Garden
Magical Art of Crafting Charm Bags: 100 Mystical Formulas for Success, Love, Wealth, and Wellbeing
Growing Up Psychic: My Story of Not Just Surviving but Thriving--and How Others Like Me Can, Too
Earth Magic oracle cards
The Rules of Magic (fiction)
Green Witch tarot deck

I hope life is bringing you interesting and joyful encounters.

Editor, Founder

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