This oracle offers guidance from elves and faeries. The card meanings were channeled by Rev. Frances Munro and the images created by Peter Pracownik, so this is a collaborative effort. Munro’s spirit guide provided input on the deck’s characters, the images and colors. Pracownik’s art suits the deck’s intention in a lovely way.

There are twenty-nine unnumbered cards. There are twenty-four green-bordered Working Wisdom cards and five gold-bordered Power cards. The number twenty-nine reduced (2+9) yields the master number eleven, which Munro says “brings restorative magic to rebuilding and directs power toward revitalization and change.” This deck definitely leans toward right-brained qualities of feeling and intuition. Rev. Munro outlines deck preparation, offers a brief consecration ritual, and a reading procedure that’s specifically tailored for this deck.

The reading procedure involves drawing three Working Wisdom cards and one Power card. The Working Wisdom cards get into the nitty-gritty nuances of daily life, and discuss what strengths can aid the reader, and the personal qualities that need to be reinforced. The Power card works a bit like a trump card, and gives an overview of what attitudes or personal beliefs will be most helpful in moving forward. With only five Power cards, there’s a limited range here – it would have been nice if there were more cards in the deck (thirty-eight also adds up to eleven, and would have resulted in a bit more substantial of a deck).

This oracle deck is positive and inspirational, and is targeted to help people find happiness and satisfaction in life. The elf and fairy theme will appeal to those who like fantasy creatures and nature spirits. The accompanying booklet is well-written and includes two sample readings at the end. Munro is dedicated to developing understanding and tolerance in the world and helps people live a more balanced and aware life. Pracownik is the artist who created the Imperial Dragon Oracle, the Dragon Tarot, and the Lord of the Rings Tarot, and is well-known for his fantasy imagery.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel
Book by Frances Munro, art by Peter Pracownik
U. S. Games Systems, Inc, 2011.
29 card deck plus 48 page booklet in a tuck box, $14.00

Originally printed in the ATA Quarterly Journal, Winter 2011 issue

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