This tarot book delivers something new. Weber offers tips on using the cards for self-reading. This isn’t necessarily a substitute for visiting your favorite reader, but rather a way to supplement one’s connection to their life and personal situations on a more immediate, day-to-day level.

Chapters guide the reader through descriptions of the Major Arcana, court cards and the Minor Arcana. Cards are reviewed for potential meanings. Weber supplements this with anecdotes about herself and experiences with guiding others through self-reading techniques. There are plenty of exercises for getting to know the court card characters. Waite-Smith card images are used to illustrate sample readings.

Additional chapters treat various views of reversals, missing suits, interpreting difficult cards (the scary cards!), and offers sensible advice about when to and not to read for yourself. The end of the book has a number of useful spreads.

Weber is a capable writer with plenty of practical experience in tarot reading, as well as experiences in teaching students how to self-read. She has great true-life stories to share that will help folks connect with tarot cards and derive meaning and greater understanding about their personal circumstances.

This is a useful book for both experienced and beginning tarot readers.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Author: Courtney Weber
2016, Red Wheel/Weiser

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