I admit I’m exceedingly selective about my tarot decks. I require they be easy to connect with and understand, have good energy and pleasing artwork, and they must truly draw me to them; The Gilded Tarot met all of these requirements. The exquisite imagery educes the meanings of the card without undue complication. The accompanying book explains in clear terms, yet isn’t so descriptive that it leaves out room for personal interpretation. The symbolism on the cards guides, but leaves plenty of room for personal interpretation.


The boxed set includes the deck, accompanying guidebook, and a lovely organza bag in which to keep your cards. Moore’s book has an excellent introduction to the tarot for beginners. Included is basic information on the tarot suits, the Fool’s journey, and how to read a tarot spread. There are numerous exercises interspersed throughout to help the reader learn about the tarot. All are easy to comprehend and complete, yet insightful.  The cards each have one page consisting of a basic explanation of the upright card’s meaning. A short section on suggestions for reading reversals is included, but it is left to the reader to determine the meanings if they are used at all.


This is a good choice for beginners or for those who do readings and wish others to have some grasp of the card meanings. The imagery is clear enough to understand without much difficulty. The artwork would certainly make this an excellent choice for collectors as well. All my friends who have seen my cards want a set of their own, and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite decks.


~ review by Jennifer Erwin

Creator: Ciro Marchetti

The Gilded Tarot Companion

Author: Barbara Moore
Llewellyn, 2004
pp. 150, 78 cards, organza tarot bag, $24.95

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