I’ve been a fan of Willow Polson’s work for many years now. What, you haven’t heard of her? I hate to hear that so let me tell you a little about her other works while I rave about her newest offering.

Polson’s gift is for crafts – she makes, and teaches others how to make, gorgeous crafts to celebrate the pagan spirit. Flags and clothes, ‘Brid’ dolls and wreaths, needlework and pottery, all of these things have been taught via her books WitchCrafts and Sabbat Entertaining. In Pagan Rituals, she turns her crafting abilities to the written word and offers the reader an inspiring collection of rituals to celebrate. This is not a beginner’s book – Polson presumes the reader has experience in doing ritual, raising energy and working within sacred space. She encourages experimentation and augmentation of her scripts, but (rightly) warns that opening the book to a random page with no prior experience will create a major flop.

As in The Veil’s Edge, Polson is reaching out to an advanced audience. Unlike that worthy book, she spends no time discussing the whys and how’s, but expects the reader to either understand the correspondences, imagery, and symbols used in creating the ritual, or to substitute her own personal symbology without a thought more than that.

 I recommend this book.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author:  Willow Polson

Citadel Press, 2004

pp. 192, $14.95

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