In the introduction to A Year of Ritual, Sandra Kynes states " Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, sooner or later when putting together a ritual you may not have enough time, or creative inspiration may remain elusive.  This book contains rituals that are "ready to go" for both group and solo practices." As promised, this is a collection of 21 rituals (eight sabbats, thirteen esbats) for both group and solitary enactment.

The biggest positive and negative of this book are one and the same: these are pre-packaged rituals with repetitive format.  Whether solo or in a group, you can pick the timing-appropriate ritual and get started. She has focusing ideas, and decorations -- everything is taken care of for you.

I also have a problem with the focus on the Goddess rather than a balance between her and the God. (He only appears in two rituals.) Others may have more of a problem with pop culture rituals (like the Lord of the Rings one for October’s moon). I think she could have explained her symbol choices better, and given deeper background as to why *this* works, rather than *that* (similar thing).

This book could be a good basic tool for a beginner, although she’ll want to augment it with additional references, study and practice. It can be a plus to not have to cobble pieces of rituals together from a variety of sources. I believe a more experienced practitioner, however, will get bored quickly with the repetitive framework. 

~ review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author:  Sandra Kynes

Llewellyn Publications, 2004

pp. 232, $14.95

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