The Witch's Master Grimoire contains numerous spells and rites in an A-Z format. Many of them make use candle magick, others use the subtle vibrations of herbs, plants, and minerals. Those that require special oils or incenses also provide the recipes for making them.

Although there is no documentation or sourcing, which is a major downfall, this is an interesting collection of information.  I wish there was an Index or Table of Contents, because it can be frustrating to locate specific pieces of information.  For example: say I want to work with carnelian.  It is not located under ‘C’, or ‘S’ (stones), but ‘J’ – Jewels.  Or, if I have a need for Protection spells, I have to look through the entire book for the different pieces (like protection oils, incenses, etc.)

I feel that advanced practitioners will find it annoying, and newcomers will not feel supported in their growth.  I’m not even sure they’ll enjoy the spells, because even though spell work is one of the easiest, most popular, and most convenient ways to begin practicing magick, this book does a poor job of explaining just how magick works, and instead tells the reader to have faith and do the spell right and it will work—implying that if your faith isn’t strong enough, that is the only reason the spell didn’t work.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author:  Lady Sabrina

New Page Books, 2000

pp. 219, $12.99

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