Rhiannon’s poetry embodies a myriad of facets, ranging from love poems to visionary and magical poems of a Celtic persuasion. While reading this work you will be led on a fine excursion into the author’s vision of existence.


The vale of night hung dark and deep
The lake like silver glass did sleep
The wind through twisted oak did moan
The moon was distant and alone
Through the misty paths that lead through there

~excerpt from the poem “Priestess of the grove”


 To love you is a timeless sunset
After days of desire
Our dream brought to life
Burning endless in its fire

~excerpt from the poem “To love you”


 The whole world is ahead of me
There’s no place I have to be
What a wonderful feeling to be so free

~excerpt from the poem “The wish”


 Images form on invisible wind
Voices whisper through the trees
Cool air soothes the rays of the sun
The ribbons of nature have come undone
In the delicate springtime breeze

~excerpt from the poem “For the moment”


Read it in its entirety or allow the muses to guide your fingers to find that poem that might inspire you through the hours of your daily existence. The author opens her heart and reveals her emotions from a personal level in this poetical book. Surely any of us can benefit from a momentary excursion into another’s existence such as this book gives us the opportunity to do.


~review by Lone Eagle Eye

Author: Rhiannon Arthur
Writers Club Press, 2002
pp 111, $11.95

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