Circle of the Seasons is a compact disc containing inspirational music written and sung by Lisa Thiel. A member of the Celtic/Druid faith since 1985, Thiel shares with us her spiritual journey through traditional Celtic music.  This is truly music for the soul. By understanding the way of the wheel, the artist asserts, the listener gains empowerment, understanding, and sacred healing as the soul transits its own solar cycle.

Each song is a deeply moving and magical experience. Violins and 12 string guitars accompany time-honored Celtic instruments such as Irish citterns, drums, Gypsy bouzouki, silver flutes and pipes. David McVittie, Jody Bergsma, and violinist Anna Schaad accompany Thiel, creating a melody reminiscent of old Irish songs and ballads. Yet, each song is new, vibrant and easy to sing to.

Circle of the Seasons is an excellent tool for ritual work. I used the Invocation, for example, to enhance my ritual experience. Chanting to the lyrics written inside the insert creates a loving and protective atmosphere to work in. Further, I augmented the invocation and performed a most effective house blessing ritual with it.

Another favorite track is the Lammas cut. Lammas’ theme is gratitude, coupled with endurance and strength. I use it for sunrise meditations and gratitude prayers.  It is also a powerful tool to focus upon for added courage and strength when faced with daily turmoil.

I highly recommend Circle of the Seasons because of its versatility, timeliness beauty, and spiritual healing.  I am pleased to add this lovely collection to my Pagan library.


Review by: Patricia Snodgrass

Artist: Lisa Thiel

Sacred Dream Productions, 2005

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