Yasmine Galenorn has consistently written thoughtful, unique, books, and Crafting the Body Divine only strengthens her reputation. At its core, this is a book about Pagans and their relationship to the body, but the reader is also treated with a delightful examination of how to improve our self-image within a spiritual context.

Beginning with a frank discussion about body image and how our self-care reflects our spiritual values, Galenorn goes on to write about health and sexuality and supporting our Selves through ritual, dance, and yoga. What makes this work special, however, is its look at the range of body modification – from the nearly mundane tattooing and piercing to extremes like branding.

Most wonderfully, Galenorn completely sidesteps all guilt-trips by speaking to us as glorious women, no matter how large/small/muscled/soft. She relates honestly her personal struggles with body image and her tattooing experiences, allowing the reader to identify in positive ways with our own fears and shame. I felt as if I’d finally found a healthy, happy role model for total self-acceptance, love and courage.

Highly recommended.

~ review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author:  Yasmine Galenorn

Crossing Press, 2001

pp. 235, $16.95

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