There are eight tracks on the CD, and there don’t appear to be titles for the tracks. That doesn’t make too much difference, as all eight tracks feature Grand Master Riley Lee playing the shakuhachi flute. This instrument has an astonishingly great range of sounds and effects, and Lee is able to evoke the sun, wind, rain, bird’s wings, twilight and dawn – in fact, the language of nature.

Listening to this flute music is utterly calming and the essence of Zen. Even if you’re working in an office or stuck sitting in line somewhere, this CD will make you feel like you’re sitting in the middle of a peaceful forest or on the edge of a tranquil lake, soaking up the harmony of sky, earth, and water.

The songs are serene and gentle, restrained yet expressive. This is a fine CD for meditation, ritual, massage, Reiki, or any other spiritual practice that benefits from soft, lovely, evocative music. The artistry is exquisite – I’ll be listening to this CD a lot in the coming months! Beautiful.

Listen to samples here:

~review by: E. Hazel

Artist: Riley Lee
Sounds True, 2012
CD, $12

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