This is the third “Guitar Meditations” collection by Soulfood, which attests to the success of the format and songs that Soulfood manages to put together. On this CD, the guest artists are guitarists Ron Cohen, Ricky Fitzpatrick, and Robert McEntee.

Instrumentation includes acoustic guitar, keyboards, soundscapes, synthesizer, woodwinds, and Native flute. The CD opens with “Change of Seasons,” a gentle but upbeat song. The rhythm guitarist pick up a pleasant rolling strum and a lead guitarist picks out a cheerful little melody.  Track 2 “Daybreak” is more pensive. The intro features a melody played with open fourths, which gives a bit of an edge to the sound. It proceeds at a comfortable walking pace. On track 3 “Secret Garden,” guest musician Ron Cohen presents a song with a traditional folk sound.  Further tracks include “Whirlwind,” which features some superb picking by Ricky Fitzpatrick, “Inner Voice,” “Dreamstate,” “Reflections,” “Soulspace,” “Sanctuary,” “Stillness,” Desert Sage,” and “Soulstice.”

While these tunes aren’t going to rock your world, the songs are a pleasant collection featuring great artistry in both composition and execution. If you’re a bit tired of New Age CDs that center on piano-synthesizer instrumentation and are ready for some slick (but soothing) guitar picking, this CD series offers a wonderful alternative.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Soulfood Ltd, 2010
54:25 minutes total

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