Marrs, the author of Rule by Secrecy and Alien Agenda gives the reader a detailed and fascinating look into the world of psychic warfare, remote viewing, and the personalities involved in it. Whether or not you believe in the veracity of remote viewing (and I do) this book is a well-thought-out argument for its history in warfare, going back to ancient Greece, Persia and biblical times. Also covered are the events leading up to the creation of the American “Psi Spies” unit. Unlike many books in the ‘conspiracy theory’ genre, Marrs' covers all his territory with an extensive array of peoples' names, dates, agency names, and places. He is very thorough in this investigation and source references.

Although he does not spend a lot of time on what is seen in remote viewing (RV) sessions, the actual process of an RV session is covered in great detail, from the steps taken beforehand in preparation to detailed descriptions and accounts of the remote viewers at work. It is almost like a textbook rather than a typical nonfiction description of an event. While the concepts here are somewhat fantastic at times, the phenomena itself is described in a convincing manner and it is likely that even the most skeptical will find themselves opening to the possibility that remote viewing is a valid technique.

A must-read for conspiracy fans, PSI Spies is recommended to anyone who has an interest in the history of psychic warfare and remote viewing and anyone with an interest in the unexplained or the metaphysical.

~review by: Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Jim Marrs

New Page Books, 2007

pp. 319, $15.99

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