One of the nicer things about being a reviewer is that you often know about books that will be coming as much as a year before they arrive. When I saw that New Page was putting together a compendium of the best of Green Egg magazine I knew that I had to have it.


Collected in one volume is the best – the most inspirational, distinctive, precisely directed – work from 40 years of publishing. Articles from well known authors (Isaac Bonewits, Ray Buckland, Diana Paxson, Phyllis Curott, LaSara Firefox, and Starhawk to name a few) as well as dozens of complete unknowns fill this book with lovely poetry, thoughtful essays, and delightful silliness.


For me, this is as valuable for its historical value as for its content. Zell-Ravenheart’s introduction includes a copy of the first issue (March 20, 1968). At the bottom it lists the requirements for advancement in the Church of All Worlds:


1. Read and report (1 page written or oral) on The New Genesis by Berenda

2. Read and report on The Prophet by Gibran.

3. Attend one lecture on Paganism by a high priest.

4. Read and report on Stranger in a Strange Land by Heinlein.

5. Attend second lecture on Paganism.

6. Read and report on Anthem by Rand.

7. Read and report on Gulf by Heinlein (from Assignment in Eternity).

8. Attend third lecture on Paganism.

9. Take Edwards Personal Preference Schedule (EPPS).

10. Give dissemination drill on Paganism or the Church of All Worlds.


Oh how things have changed!


Early pages have discussions from past editors (many people!) about their experiences and visions. There are essays about what it means to be a pagan in the modern world (what is a neopagan anyway?) our history, various traditions and where we came from. There are chapters on ritual, crafts, sexuality, politics, family, fiction, and visions of the future. Chas Clifton does his (usual) excellent job of introducing each chapter and providing context for the readings therein.


Green Egg was truly a legendary pagan journal, and Green Egg Omelette is a necessary component on every neoPagan’s bookshelf – unless you already have every issue previously published, of course.


~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Editor: Oberon Zell-Ravenheart

New Page Books, 2009

pp. 288, $15.99

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