Pulp Med is a candid look at the current state of Western medicine, from the viewpoints of the authors, Petros Arguriou and Beldeu Singh.  Using a question and answer form, Arguriou and Singh use scientific data and documented studies to show certain flaws within the medical system that they feel results in higher costs, lower standards of care and an all-around bad healthcare system in the United States.

Pulp Med is most certainly not a light read.  The authors use terms and phrases specific to the medical world which could make this book difficult to read and/or understand if read by a layperson who has little to no medical experience or knowledge.  Something really going for this book though, is that Arguriou and Singh use documented case studies and many references for their information which validates a lot of what they have to say.  This lends a lot of credibility to what they have to say. 

One other thing which this book really has going in it's favor is that Arguriou and Singh really tackle a wide gamut of topics in the medical field.  Some of the topic which they speak out in their book are:  cannabis use, cancer, the validity of prescription drug trials, the toxicity of chemicals which are commonly used in society and mental illness.  I really enjoyed that they took such a holistic approach to a topic which can be very volatile.

As previously stated, the book is written in a question and answer format.  This is a unique format and it does help make this book a little bit easier to read.  The authors use this as an opportunity to break the idea down into parts, which can help the reader better understand what the authors are talking about which leads to a better understanding of their viewpoint and opinion on the subject.  This really also contributes to the holistic nature of the book. 

If one has an interest in learning more about the medical field, this book may not be for you.  Rather, if one wants to see the medical field from a unique perspective, one which does not paint a favorable picture on it, then this book is very much for you.  However, I would read up on medical terms, or at least be prepared to do some research while reading this book. 

~Review by: Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Petros Arguriou & Beldeu Singh
O-Books, 2011
pp. 246 $24.95

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