Naturopathy, as explained by author Christopher Vasey, is the technique of managing illnesses by correcting imbalances in what he refers to as the biological terrain.  Naturopathy focuses on removing toxins from the body and by focusing on maintaining good health through diet and exercise.

The first chapter describes illness through a naturopathic viewpoint, then discusses various stages of disease and familiarizes the reader with the concept of biological terrain. Vasey discusses how naturopathic theories of illnesses differ from Western medical thought. He describes how illness occurs due to chemical imbalances as opposed to exposure to pathogens, toxins and injury. 

The second chapter focuses on the causes of illnesses and the necessity for taking personal responsibility for one’s own health.  This chapter describes exactly what the biological terrain is and focuses on the importance of keeping it healthy.  Vasey also outlines the importance of a diet that is free from refined foods and chemicals.  He also warns the reader against the consumption of too much sugar, salt and protein, as well as cautions us against the hazards of overeating. 

The third chapters teaches the reader how to correct imbalances in their biological terrain by using simple and common sense techniques such as not overeating, keeping the diet simple and free from refined foods. He talks about occasional fasting and sweating, and other forms of elimination such as laxatives and enemas.  He also recommends getting enough exercise and sleep.

Vasey also cautions the reader in regards to fasting, stating that fasts should not last longer than one week and always done under a doctor’s supervision.

This book is full of good information. The book is not light reading and may take some time to get through it. But it’s worth the effort. The advice Vasey gives can be very beneficial, especially if used under your care giver’s guidance.


~reviewed by Patricia Snodgrass

Author: Christopher Vasey ND
Healing Arts Press, 2007
pp. 126, $14.95

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