World-renowned chakra authority (her Wheels of Life is a foundation text) has provided us with another ground-breaking book. Judith has elegantly combined eastern chakras with western psychological theories in a brilliant ‘owner’s guide’ to the soul.

Originally published in 1996, Eastern Body, Western Mind is deliberately designed to be accessible to the reader who needs to find the pertinent information – now – and will go back and read through the rest of the text later. For example, if you break up with your lover, reading about sexuality, desire, and the emotions (all of which relate to the second chakra) won’t help you cope. You want to know about how to clear out the heart chakra in a healing manner, so you can grow and love once again.

Every chakra is a chapter; each chapter includes a complete description of the energy center, related issues, movements, healing work, traumas, colors, and frequencies. Judith brilliantly combined the metaphysics of the charkas with Jungian psychology with somatic therapy, childhood development theory and transpersonal psychology to create a thorough description of each energy center. Personal stories and those of her clients through more than two decades of healing work illustrate the information.

This is a thick tome, but one that is insightful, and enjoyable. I highly recommend this book for anyone even remotely interested in learning more about themselves and their energy.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author:  Anodea Judith

Celestial Arts, 2004

pp. 488, $18.95

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