Wow, this is a gorgeous book. It's also truly the only book on palm reading someone will ever need.

The authors have a combined 65 years of background in teaching palmistry and that experience is palpable in the clear text and diagrams.

Palmistry, like astrology, is an art and science that links Jung's archetypes and general character traits with the physical aspects of the hand. The usual details are presented here: major and minor lines, mounts, flexibility, and shapes. New factors covered include lifestyle preferences like love, sexuality, career choices and unique strengths and weaknesses. The very last section is a chapter on reading the palm, including a very handy (HA! sorry, couldn't resist) worksheet for making notes about the reading.

I literally cannot recommend this book highly enough. I'm getting of all of the other books on this topic: they've been outclassed.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Ellen Goldberg and Doria Bergen
Destiny Books, 2016
pp. 544 $35.00

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