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  • The Transformational Truth of Tarot: The Fool’s Journey

    John M John M
    You are quite welcome! Thanks for the opportunity. Very sorry for your took a lot of courage ...


  • The Transformational Truth of Tarot: The Fool’s Journey

    Tiffany Crosara Tiffany Crosara
    Thank you for your lovely review John, I have shared. I was actually lucky enough to give birth to ...


  • Cactus of Mystery: the Shamanistic Powers of the Peruvian San Pedro Cactus

    paul davies paul davies
    Hi Ross, I went to an Ayahuasca ceremony few years back and was told that best to come prepared in ...


  • Infinite Energy Technologies: Tesla, Cold Fusion, Antigravity, and the Future of Sustainability

    Finley Eversole Finley Eversole
    Thanks, Elizabeth, for your excellent review. Vol. 2 -- ENERGY MEDICINE TECHNOLOGIES -- came out ...


  • The Heart of Faerie Oracle

    LisaM LisaM
    Hi Sara -- as you can see from Liz's comment, above, those cards are mysterious!


Elizabeth Hazel: A tarotist, astrologer, lecturer, author, and an initiated high priestess, Liz has lectured throughout the US and in Great Britain on tarot, astrology, and practical magic. She leads open public Sabbat rituals at the First Unitarian Church of Toledo and offers her Pagan Pathways curriculum for neophytes. She is an acknowledged expert in tarot-astrology, and her book Tarot Decoded (Weiser, 2004) is the definitive guide to tarot correspondences and astrological attributions. The Whispering Tarot deck and book are both available on her website. She writes the “Astro-Spell” column in Witches & Pagans Magazine and is a long-time contributor and editor of the American Tarot Association’s Quarterly Journal.

Jessica Elizabeth: An ordained, Norse witch for over 15 years, she loves cats, tarot reading and the whitest chocolate. She celebrates the moon's cycles with the Sisterhood of the Moon in the San Francisco area, but otherwise is a solitary practitioner.  She enjoys baking and gardening.

Larissa Carlson Viana: Larissa is an art school dropout with a degree in Spanish and Portuguese. She works in a helping profession in which it is best to bite one's tongue. In her spare time she is a mother, an amateur artist and an explorer. An erstwhile book worm, she enjoys chewing on a good story.

Lisa Mc Sherry: The author of several books, including Magickal Connections and The Virtual Pagan, a contributor to a number of anthologies, including Magic on the Edge and the Pop Culture Grimoire, Lisa has many articles published in SageWoman, Witches & Pagans, and other (defunct) publications. The High Priestess and Founder of JaguarMoon Coven, she is also the editor of Facing North. Her personal website is:

Rev. John Marani, Jr., has been studying the tarot since 1989, and began his professional tarot practice in 2005. He is a Certified Tarot Consultant from the Tarot Certification Board of America, a member of the American Tarot Association (ATA), and a regular article contributor to the ATA Quarterly Journal. John studies Witchcraft with Tradition of the Witches Circle (TWC) in Occoquan, VA, with its Head High Priestess and founder, Rev. Samantha Harvey. He is the Head High Priest in Training and the Priest of Tarot for the TWC, and teaches astrology, Reiki, and tarot classes at 13 Magickal Moons of Occoquan, VA, where he also regularly reads tarot and does astrology consultations. John is an ordained Minister with the Ministry of Light Interfaith Church in Occoquan, VA. In his spare time, John is a Dungeon Master, and die-hard computer and console gamer.
Laura Perry: A mild-mannered freelance editor by day, by night Laura dons her priestess robe to dance around the fire and cook up books of Pagan how-to and mystical adventure. She has been a Wiccan priestess and shamanic practitioner for many years. Her experience as an herbalist, naturopath (now retired) and Reiki master lends a hedge-witch flavor to her days and helps her balance mind, body and spirit in both her daily life and her writing and art. She loves spending as much time as possible in the vegetable garden and orchard, up to her elbows in the dirt. When she is not busy editing other people's prose, writing her own, or creating historically-inspired works of art, she enjoys volunteering as a living history demonstrator at local historic sites, sharing with the public a set of skills most people considered obsolete more than a century ago. You can find her online at

Diana Rajchel: Diana Rajchel is the city priestess of San Francisco. She isn't clear on how she ended up with the job but Emperor Norton and St. Francis are quite insistent, so be it. She has written reviews for Facing North since its inception, and in that time has published three books, contributed to several anthologies, and is a frequent contributor to Llewellyn Annuals. She reads tarot and gives spiritual counseling at the Mystic Dream in Walnut Creek, California. She jumps on any book that might give her new ideas for practicing witchcraft and spells. You can find out more about her at

Nikki Starcat Shields is a writer, licensed priestess, practical mystic, and fae scholar of the mysteries. She loves to share ways she strives to live her earth-based spirituality, rooted in reverence and joy, even in the midst of a full, busy modern life. Starcat's passions include creativity, daily spiritual practice, books, expanding her self-love, unschooling, dancing, drumming, and dreaming. She is the author of Starcat's Corner: Essays on Pagan Living and Cultivating Self-Love: Your Path to Wholeness. Starcat walks her spiritual path in Maine and other faerie-approved lands. She can also be found blogging at and working on her business, Feline Dreamers.

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