Gullfoss' body of work includes being Headmaster of Norway's only School of Astrology, publication throughout Scandinavia of over 25 books on Tarot, Astrology, and Life, including the highly acclaimed "Your Star Sign", and serving as editor for several different astrological and alternative magazines. His credentials are solid.


I, however, found The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology to be  . . . not to my taste. Gullfoss’ spirituality is very ‘new age’ and astrology’s role within it is as the map to our dimension (as in 3-D). I think I’ll let his words


 “. . . astrology is the science of time and space – not symbolically or as a metaphor, but quite literally astrology is the science of time and space. And then, of course, it is also the science that can show us the road to what is behind time and space (p.9).”


“Earth is the element of form. It is connected to the outer experience of form manifested in time and space . . . To master the element of earth, we have to understand that its main essence and purpose is to show the beauty of spirit manifested (p. 21).”


“Virgo: This little seeker of the purest of the pure is also attached to the movement through time and space. [Virgo world as beehive followed by bee-related analogy.] And when Virgos reach the deep essence of their soul, and therefore are in no need of the constraining walls of the beehive to take care of the honey (p. 37).”


I think this is probably a good book, but I guess I’m just not smart enough to understand it, or put it to use.


So, I’m not ‘dissing’ it, but I honestly can’t recommend it.


~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Per Henrik Gullfoss

Llewellyn Worldwide, 2008

pp. 250, $24.95

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