Saturn is the 'bad guy' of the zodiac, all mean task master and hard lessons given. But in this reprint of the classic text, Liz Greene presents the study of Saturn as a means for self-discovery, growth, and, eventually, freedom. In Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil, the most maligned planet of all time, Saturn, is explored in depth and satisfying detail.

Beginning with a discussion of the black-or-white viewpoint of "good" and "bad" planets, and the reasons for discarding this approach. Greene then goes into the heart of the book: chapters on Saturn in each of the elements (in watery signs and houses, and so forth). Later, she explores Saturn in aspect to other planets in the birth chart. One of the better things in this excellent book is that Greene avoids labeling aspects as "good" or "bad". Finally, Saturn in synastry is also explored, with a look at how Saturn is necessary for long-standing relationships; Saturn's role in projection in relationships; as well as the concept of overcompensation. Greene avoids a fatalistic point of view, and instead explains Saturn's psychological effect on us.

I was really impressed with the merging of astrology and psychology, and the lucidity Greene brings to some very difficult and murky concepts and aspects in the astrological chart. This classic text is a welcome addition to any astrologer's bookshelf.

(This 35th anniversary edition includes a new foreword by leading astrologer and author Robert Hand.)

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Liz Greene
Weiser Books, 2011

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