What an incredible book. Humans love stories, and they have always been one of the best ways to impart information from one generation to another. Stories communicate our moral codes, our ethical systems, information about the Divine, life lessons, and who we are. In MythAstrology, author Raven Kaldera correlated a world’s worth of God/dess myths with the planets and zodiac signs to produce a rich, understandable way to deepen our interpretation of how our astrological chart can reveal our true Selves.

In my chart, for example, Mars is in Scorpio. Kaldera links this placement with Cuchulain, the “greatest of all the hero-gods.” A brief summary tells me why Cuchulain earned that sobriquet and then I am told, “Mars in Scorpio understands death, being ruled by Pluto, and the respect a worthy fallen opponent more than others. However, that does not stop him from attacking and conquering them…. This Mars placement tends to be silent and act rather than speak, but his actions can be extreme. When he decides on an enemy, nothing will do but that it must be entirely destroyed and obliterated…. This is the person who forages into the plague-ridden area to helps others…. So much of Mars in Scorpio’s time is spent attempting to be independent that he often forgets how interdependent we all are and how that cannot be escaped.” 

With description like this for each planet’s placement, readers will develop an understanding of themselves (and others) that is well-rounded, rich in depth, and revealing of our true nature in a way that may almost seem invasive. Kaldera puts it well in the opening preface: “… (you) may not understand what an Aquarius Moon means, but the story of Mwuetsi will probably make (you) laugh knowingly, or nod sheepishly, or at least think hard about yourself and (your) motivations."

Kaldera draws from a plethora of pantheons to give each planet and each sign a unique yet appropriate story from which to draw meaning, morals and inspiration as we study our own birth signs and associations to current astrological events.

I highly recommend this book to those with an interest in astrology, as well as to practicing astrologers.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author:  Raven Kaldera

Llewellyn Publications, 2004

pp. 436, $17.95

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