I admit, when I first opened this book I was a bit skeptical.  It seems that most astrology books these days are geared towards teenagers who want to know if they are compatible with a guy they have a crush on, or they are so advanced that someone new to astrology (such as myself) gets hopelessly lost within minutes of opening the cover.


This book is a happy exception, being a good beginner’s astrology book.  After a short introduction to astrology and magick the author delves into the basics of a birth chart.  She explains in simple, easy-to-understand, terminology the meanings of each of the houses, planetary aspects, and what role the planets and elements all have in your life.  Reading through I finally had a good enough understanding of astrology that I was able to understand the basics of my birth chart.


The second half of the book was not as interesting, being full of tables and charts of correspondences.  It also covers symbolism, basic spell casting, and the proper astrological timing of magick.  I felt it covered a lot of basic magickal information that most pagans learn early on their path.  Even so, there were some interesting topics covered later on such as numerology, sigils, and magickal squares.


Overall I enjoyed the book and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn the basics of astrology and its use in magickal workings.


~review by Jennifer Erwin

Author: Skye Alexander
New Page Books, 2000
pp. 223, $12.99

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