Each year I lead a small group of students through the beginning stages of astrology and one of my favorite moments is when they realize how much the moon has to do with understanding their birth charts. I've always lamented how little has been written about the moon and it's importance to the horoscope, but now Cal Garrison has given us The Lunar Gospel  and it is a treasure!

Garrison writes with clarity and humor, sharing her many years of knowledge with the reader. Most readers look first at the sun sign (and ascendant); Garrison believes much more can be learned from the moon's position. That the moon's position within the chart reveals a wealth of information about past lives, lessons learned (and to learn) and what might be destined to be repeated.

Well-researched (this isn't just one person's opinion!) and a pleasant read, The Lunar Gospel is a wonderful addition to my library and I'm looking forward to incorporating its insights into future classes.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Cal Garrison
Red Wheel/ Weiser, 2018
224 pages, $18.95

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