"Exorcise the monsters within and unleash the scary side of your sun sign" advises Stella Hyde, author of Horrorscopes. Hyde obviously had a howling good time writing this book and she wants you to have fun with it too.

Instead of fire, earth, air and water signs, we have demons. vampires, ghosts and werewolves. And each astrology sign has its own personal monster lurking inside. Virgo is the Bride of Frankenstein and Capricorn is Vlad the Impaler. Gemini is a Poltergeist and Scorpio, naturally, is a Wolf in Wolf's Clothing.

The signs have their Jekyll (nice) and Hyde (not so nice) sides and accompanying descriptions help you identify them. Hyde further defines the type of say Aries demon you are by fusing your demon with your Moon sign and your rising sign.

But she doesn't just leave you hanging with the bad news and scary descriptions, She offers protective defense tactics after she informs what triggers the monster's bad side and then gives tips on how to tame it  She. tells you how it behaves in love and at work.

The compatibility chart is referred to as "when monsters collide" and gives helpful tips on working together. Take a spine-tingling romp through this amusing, funny but informative book especially at Halloween. De-fang your friends and tame the wild beast inside your enemies.

The distraction in Horrorscopes is that the drawings are so cartoonish as to be annoying. The flaws in this book are not the fault of the author, but rather the fault of the publisher. Weiser is otherwise a solid, reputable company. But using very small, white Italic print on a black background in the Moon sign and rising sign descriptions was not the best choice. Even more glaring an error, or poor choice, was printing the back cover and compatibility page with red ink on black pages. It's very difficult to see.

~review by Judy Conkel

Author: Stella Hyde
Red Wheel Weiser, 2012

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