I am going to hate myself for doing this, but . . .

I really didn’t like Cosmic Trends. Described as a “provocative and fun guide to the connection between cosmic patterns and pop culture” (from the back cover) I was completely unimpressed.

I found the links trite, and poorly explained. For example, my Pluto is in Virgo. To Brown, this means that actors of my related signs are “not stars in the same way as Pluto in Leo performers,” (i.e., Sean Penn, Renee Zellweger, and Johnny Depp are not like Tom Hanks and Goldie Hawn). It’s true, but Sean Penn is nothing like Johnny Depp, either. It also isn’t relevant to me, nor is the knowledge that Kurt Cobain is another Pluto in Virgo (or Sarah MacLachlan).

When I have such a strong negative reaction, I put the review item away for awhile and go back to it later – it might have been influenced by a bad mood. If I still don’t like it, I go looking for what others have said. (Note: This has happened only a few times in my nearly 10 years of reviewing.)

Across the board, astrologers love this book. So, I’m going to quote from them, and provide links. It is clear that although I can cast a chart and interpret it, I’m missing a vital component when I read Cosmic Trends.

Cosmic Trends explicates in detail the historical phenomena associated with the movements of the outer planets. It contains plenty of background material, so we can see how the movements of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto have affected historical trends in politics, art and culture going back through the centuries of recorded Western Civilization.“ from:

Cosmic Trends is a fantastic astrology book, informative and entertaining. During my many years as an astrologer, I've read thousands of books, and many of them can be rather dry, but this book is a well written, page-turner. You don't have to know anything about astrology to enjoy the book, but as you read, you'll learn a lot of astrology.” From:

“Brown also extends his thoughts by forecasting some of the trends that he expects to see in the future. The cycles of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto figure prominently. Pluto's movement through the signs reveals broad yet highly discernible trends, not only for the cultural trends present at the time of Pluto's transits through the sign, but also for the generations born under the sign (for example, the Pluto in Scorpio generation who carry the Pluto in Scorpio "stamp").” From:

“This is a book of predictions, but with a backbone. Astrology gives the book form and distinguishes it from something a "psychic" might publish with their predictions for the future based on nothing.” From:

So there.


~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Philip Brown

Llewellyn Publications, 2006

pp. 218, $14.95

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