Long-time readers of my reviews know that I do not (NOT) gush about how great a book is. I’ve read too many great things to be swayed easily. And I’ve got a quirky sense of preference that makes me dislike a whole lot of ‘great’ literature. So you know how odd it is when I say: Cosmic Karma is INCREDIBLE.

I’ve been working with astrology for decades; cast my first chart about 22 years ago, in fact. When I received Cosmic Karma I didn’t even realize it was an astrology book (bad me, didn’t read the second paragraph on the back cover – what can I say, Mercury was retrograde). But it’s just as well -- I may have held off reading it for another month or so if I’d thought it was another book about astrology. (Do you realize how boring most of them are?) I’m also extremely interested in trying to find some commonality between the scientific/ physical world, and my own sense of spirit/occult. Cosmic Karma connects our soul with our life purpose; that is: our chart indicates our karmic mission. All we need to do is follow it.

As a short example:

  • Sun in Virgo = brilliant at mastering the analysis and repair of data, policy, procedures, and people.

  • Sun in 1st house: You use the power of the sun to discover your character, explore your persona, and express your own identity.

  • Saturn in Aries: Success and honor were earned in courageous acts of leadership in difficult times.

  • Saturn in 8th house: The real lesson taught is intimacy: you need to get past the emotional blockage of yesterday and learn to trust yourself today.

  • Neptune in Scorpio: (ouch) a masterful manipulator with deep compassion for the weak

  • Neptune in 3rd house: Your universal task is to network.

  • Pluto in Virgo: medical upheavals, physical health crisis and government

  • Pluto in 1st house: demonstrate strength and courage through physical courage, not violent destruction. Leadership is your path to power.

  • 12th House: You work best alone, or in a secluded setting; you have a bruised self-esteem and ego.

Ummm… I can’t deny it: dead right. (And, I feel life coaching is in order . . .)

This is an interesting and valuable book. I don’t like the price tag as the book is pretty small (overall dimensions are 7”x7”), but I do like the contents.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Marguerite Manning

Llewellyn Publications, 2007

pp. 189, $15.95

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