And now for something completely different! Black holes are formed when very large stars collapse. But, just like fixed stars, the zodiacal positions of black holes (along with quasars, pulsars, and mazers) can be ascertained and used as a tool in astrological chart analysis.

Author Alex Miller has assembled a top-notch, impressive book about using black holes and related singularities in astrology. Opening chapters describe the effects that a natal conjunction to black holes, quasars, pulsars, and mazers may have. There is a list of the zodiacal positions of known singularities.  Section I “Black Holes in Natal Interpretation” explores the planets, Sun through Pluto, conjunct or in aspect to a black hole, and possible interpretations. Following this is a series of Black Hole Biographies describing prominent individuals with natal conjunctions to black holes.

Section II “Black Holes in Mundane Charts” offers a range of various mundane event charts with black hole contacts. A review of national presidential election dates is fascinating, as are charts for Hurricane Katrina and the death of Anna Nicole Smith, the Wall Street Bailout Bill, and others.  There are a lot of political charts! Mr. Miller doesn't seem to have much use for politicians of either party affiliation.

Section III “Black Holes in Depth” presents a series of scientific explanations, metaphoric and mythic connections, and psychological aspects that relate to black holes. Miller also includes a very useful section on interpreting progressed contacts to black holes, and how it will tend to play out. The final bits include some of the more unusual effects of black hole contacts, including parallel universes and time refraction. The book ends with several appendices, a selected bibliography, and some black hole quotations.

Miller does a good job of explaining how astrologers can work with singularities. His examples are very good (if a bit dated), and the writing is clear and includes a healthy sense of humor. My only small disappointment was that the list of singularities didn't give a degree and minute location for a specific year, which would make it easier to calculate precession when using these with progressed and transiting planets.

This book offers unique coverage of a fringe astrology topic and is Highly Recommended. It will be useful for open-minded astrologers who like to experiment with fresh techniques for natal charts and forecasting. It will be even more valuable to astrologers who work with fixed stars (Constellational astrology), as they'll be the best prepared to make the leap into Galactic astrology. Two thumbs up!

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Author: Alex Miller
Panta Rei/Crossroad Press, 2015
264 pg, $30.00 pb

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