This CD has songs with a larger-than-life cinematic quality. Some of the songs were submitted and accepted, but not used, for Peter Jackson’s Hobbit films.

There’s definitely a mystical vibe generated during the first song, “A Message from the Stars.” Eden derives inspiration from C. S. Lewis for Track 3 “Prince Caspian’s Prayer.” A surprise for some may be found in track 5, “Ramble On” – a cover of a Led Zepplin classic rock tune. The wall-of-sound Page guitar and Bonzo’s power drums are replaced with strings and orchestral accompaniment.

Track 6 “There and Back Again” and “A King’s Farewell” are Hobbit-themed songs.

The songs (and most lyrics) are by Rebekah Eden, with arrangements by Andy Street, Noah Hoffeld, and Michael Schroeder. The arrangements – the orchestration and effects – are what make these songs so compelling and give them their mystical flavorings. The instrumentation is highly creative. Oodles of reverb give depth and resonance to the accompaniment tracks. Big crescendos and diminuendos also add to the majestic aura of the songs. There’s an encyclopedia of musical recording techniques that support and enhance Eden’s vocalizing.

Other reviewers wax lyrical about Rebekah Eden’s voice, praising the clarity and range. I wasn’t quite as impressed. Sometimes she chews and scoops notes, or overdramatizes with inappropriate pauses and breathiness. Those techniques appeal to some people, but her little tricks would get her dinged in a vocal competition. The album would have benefited from a few instrumental tracks to give her singing a rest. 

This CD will be greatly enjoyed by people who like songs inspired by the Hobbit films, songs that are arranged in “high mystique,” and female vocalists. 

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: Rebekah Eden
Rebekah Eden 2016
12 tracks, mp3 $7.99

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