Are you looking for a flight of fancy that is both fun and meaningful? Mysterious Realities is the antidote to dreary winter months. Travel through otherworlds, parallel lives, dreams and mythic places. Each of these short stories explores yet another realm. At this dark time of year, unleashed fantastical travels are just what I needed. This is one of the few books that I look forward to reading again later.

Robert Moss shares his personal dream world and shamanic experiences in a series of stories that occasionally have minor interconnection but can also be read alone. The common thread woven between each tale is a willing immersion into the imaginal realm. Many stories retell dreams. Moss teaches classes in dream work and has a good memory for his lucid dreams. He takes a step farther than most of us by dreaming into past lives, parallel lives, the land of the dead, even the Happy Hour of the Dead. In the kinds of twists and body jumping that leave the reader never sure where one will end up, from WWI to I Ching to unknown other worlds, from the viewpoint of the author to the viewpoint of him in a past life to chats with the deceased Albert Einstein and Mircea Eliade, there is no telling where you will go if you follow. For those of you who do dream work, or shamanic practice or touch on the spirit realms, here you will find your strangest dreams and journeys in kindred company. This was a marvelous frolic through the best and the worst that can be found in the psyche and the astral realm. There is some sexually explicit content (as may well be expected in dreams). Robert Moss has a well developed writer's voice. He is sure-footed, honest and unafraid to reveal the heady and crazy visions that make his stories fascinating.

Highly recommended.

~review by Larissa Carlson Viana

Author: Robert Moss
New World Library
255 pages, $15.95

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