Many 'guides' are a little thin, promising much but delivering little more than the latest rehashing of long-known ideas or lists of information. I'm usually neutral about the need for them, as older books go out of print and we seem to need to have that information presented time and time again so that it isn't forgotten. But then, every once in a while, you get a fresh perspective, something new and in-depth, and it's a real pleasure. Invoking Animal Magic is such a pleasure.

Focusing on nine animals that are the most important for what the author calls Euro-paganism, this is a glorious collection of information that is well-presented and engaging. You will *read* this book, not just use it as a reference.

The nine chapters divide the animals into basic categories: creatures of the underworld (snakes), womb (bats), soil (mice and ants), dream world (bears), night (owls), long journey (frogs and toads), transformation (hares and rabbits), and otherworld (dogs, wolves, and includes werewolves). Woven throughout are tales, stories, and lore but the book does not limit itself to being some kind of zoological collection of data. Instead the reader is treated to practical information on guided meditation, personal development, and information for spell work.

This is a wonderful book and HIGHLY recommended!

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Hearth Moon Rising
Moon Books, 2013
pp. 340, $26.95


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