Ritual Tools

This is a highly evocative and relaxing album, especially suited for meditation, Pilates work, and yoga practice. I loved the dance: dream: dance album from Shaman’s Dream (see our review ) and was looking forward to more of the same. But this album is very. very different. No dancing, no evocative beats, just ambient, relaxing, incredible soothing music strongly based on that found in India.


The final track, “Samahdi” is particularly soothing and the first track “Invocation to Water” takes you directly into the feel of the album with its slow paced chanting and drums. If you are used to world beats that start traditional and go into trance/dance rhythms, you’ll be surprised by how these tracks do not follow that pattern. “Durga Shakti” is the closest we come to ‘dance’ music, and it is pretty down-tempo.


Happily recommended.


~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Artists: Shamans Dream (Craig Kohland and Rara Avis)

Sounds True, 2005

CD, 71 minutes, $16.98

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