This marvelous ambient album was inspired by the “liminal states between waking and dreaming.” This part of the mind gives access to insights and creativity.

The cover graphics convey the feel and texture of this sound. It’s a combination of synthesizer and mixer effects that kicks out one of the most otherworldly soundtracks you’ll ever hear. If you’re feeling too earth-bound, put this on the stereo and let it wrap your brain in the musical equivalent of an anti-gravity suit.

There are seven tracks from 6:00 to 12:00 minutes long. The first couple of tracks sorta sneak up on you. By the time the middle of Track 2: Boundless, layers of soft outer-space pulses are floating out of the speakers. Track 3: Oxygen Raft turns up the reverb knob on the synth grooves. It’s like sound waves playing jump rope.

Track 4: Lost and Found features a multi-cultural tribal sound. It’s music for the Vulcan mating ritual of pon farr. Track 5: Depth Charge is a deep, murky yoga groove with lots of bass-end pulses driving the effects. Track 6: Slowly Rising is aptly named. The track is sound-effects yeast, expanding and swelling with layers of complexity. The final Track 7: Dawn Like a Prism returns to the sustained, otherworldly tones, a fine conclusion to this set of tracks.

Evan Bartholomew is one of the geniuses involved in creating “Prana Pulse” with Shaman’s Dream (one of my favorite CDs of 2013). “Dreaming Into Being” is musical moonshine straight up, no rocks, and goes into strange unexplored musical turf to make its mark in the dream world. These sounds make no detour on the way through the primary auditory cortex within the temporal lobe into the medulla oblongata and pons. It’s a musical brain massage for intuitive savants.

Totally awesome for lucid dreaming, meditation, rituals, divination, and for some healing modalities. If you like cerebral ambient music, this is the CD to get!

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: Bluetech
Bluetech, 2013 (SoundsTrue)
7 tracks/61 minutes

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